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Find the Truth out Today: We Provide Law Enforcement Polygraph Services in Dallas and Fort Worth, TX

Dallas Polygraph Services provides polygraph services to law enforcement agencies in all applicable areas. Among those offered are the following:
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Background screening
  • Internal affairs investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • False allegations of misconduct
While pre-employment screening is not a substitute for a complete background check, its use in conjunction with background checks helps to ensure that the candidates under consideration are of the highest caliber. Polygraph screening confirms that applications have been honestly and completely filled out, that fewer unqualified candidates are hired, and that the quality of hires is improved. The issues Dallas Polygraph Services covers include the following:
  • Employment History
  • Jobs Not Entered onto the Application
  • Terminations
  • Resigned in Lieu of Termination
  • Disciplinary Problems
  • Application Falsifying


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