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Is Your Staff Stealing from You? You Need to Know! Discover Employee Theft from Our Polygraph Services

Employee Theft (EPPA) Testing

Concerned about a potential employee theft? Under strict regulations developed by the Federal Government, there are situations in which an employer may require a polygraph examination, including an examination administered as part of an on-going theft investigation. Because the laws regarding employee testing are strict, Dallas Polygraph Services employs the highest professional and ethical standards to ensure compliance with the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) in the event it becomes necessary to administer a polygraph examination to an employee. Complete details on the regulations are available at the U.S. Department of Labor website, including requiring the employer to provide written notice of the reasons for and details of the examination. Dallas Polygraph Services’ examiners are familiar with the rules applicable to EPPA testing and can help develop the question set to obtain the most accurate results. However, the examiners at Dallas Polygraph Services are not attorneys and no representation made by them should be construed as legal advice; each employer must rely on its own evaluation and investigation in determining whether the requested exams are proper. As with all of our services, testing is conducted under exacting conditions and in the strictest confidence. Because all of our examiners are APA certified, employers are assured of the highest quality professional and ethical standards.

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