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Our firm is committed to helping a diverse client base with professional assessments and the resolution of important issues. We regularly participate in seminars and online exchanges of information to ensure our polygraph examiners are current on the law, technology, and the most effective examination methods. We are members of the Texas Association of Polygraph Examiners as well as the American Polygraph Association, and exclusively use Lafayette lie detector instruments, the same instruments used by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the FBI, U.S. Border Patrol, and numerous other federal agencies. For the business community, Dallas Polygraph Services provides assistance through professionally conducted interviews and polygraph examinations in on-going investigations involving an economic loss. Not only can we identify the individual(s) responsible for your loss, but as importantly, clear those employees who are not. For attorneys, Dallas Polygraph Services can perform an exculpatory polygraph examination of the client, to provide information which can be used in determining how best to represent the client’s interests. Counselors of all types rely on our polygraph examinations to help break through denial issues, while community treatment officers count on our polygraph examinations for assistance in monitoring their charges. For families and individuals, Dallas Polygraph Services has been instrumental in bringing resolution to couples and families seeking to learn the truth about themselves and each other. Our polygraph examiners are specially trained to provide assistance and resolution with domestic infidelity issues as well as a wide variety of allegations of misconduct by those inside and outside the family unit. Participants undergo a non-accusatory and confidential interview process before the polygraph examination is conducted. Inexpensive pre-test consultations are also available for private clients, with all consultation fees applied toward relevant examinations. Dallas Polygraph Services also offers polygraphs performed by a bilingual Spanish speaking examiner with JPCOT certification and experience performing more than 2,000 sex offender examinations.

Domestic and Infidelity (Relationship Issues)

Infidelity is a frequent topic of polygraph testing. Do you get that feeling that “something just isn’t right” in the relationship? Or do you constantly have those annoying and intrusive thoughts run in your mind: “Is he/she cheating? Is there someone else?” Whether your concern is a partner’s faithfulness, participation in cybersex activities, visiting prostitutes, or just the need to restore the relationship of trust that has been lost, Dallas Polygraph Services can help. See more

Criminal Accusations

When an individual is accused of criminal wrongdoing—theft, fraud, assault, physical or sexual abuse, or any charge that can be brought to bear—our team of certified polygraph examiners can help you and your defense attorney prepare to meet these accusations head on by administering polygraph examinations that address the critical issues and establish the truth of any crucial matter. See more

Probationer JPCOT Testing

Dallas Polygraph Services’ examiners are fully qualified to conduct post-conviction testing in compliance with the guidelines established by the Texas Joint Polygraph Committee on Offender Testing (JPCOT), the Post-Conviction Offender Testing (PSCOT), and the American Polygraph Association (APA). See more

Wrongfully Accused

You’ve been falsely accused—of cheating on your partner, of cheating on a test, of theft, of spousal abuse, sexual abuse, injuring a child, of falsifying records, or of lying on an employment application. Your reputation has been harmed or you’ve lost a job or promotion. You’ve been denied access to your children or grandchildren. See more

Employee Theft (EPPA) Testing

Concerned about a potential employee theft? Under strict regulations developed by the federal government, there are situations in which an employer may require a polygraph examination, including an examination administered as part of an on-going theft investigation. Because the laws regarding employee testing are strict, Dallas Polygraph Services employs the highest professional and ethical standards to ensure compliance with the Employee Polygraph Protection Act (EPPA) See more

Private Issue Testing

Life is complicated and, despite our best efforts, disputes with others are all too common: family disputes, co-worker disputes, financial disputes, allegations of injury to children, divorce and custody issues, domestic violence issues, and so many more. The professional staff of certified polygraph examiners can help resolve these difficult issues by getting to the truth of what happened. See more

Professional Contests and Sporting Events

Many professional contest and sporting events, especially those involving cash prizes, now require that contestants undergo polygraph testing, not only as a deterrent to cheating, but to determine if any participants violated the rules to gain an advantage. See more

Law Enforcement Services

Dallas Polygraph Services provides polygraph services to law enforcement agencies in all applicable areas. See more

Background Checks and Investigations

Integrity in the public, professional, and personal world is of critical importance. The ease with which individuals can misrepresent themselves is alarming and creates unnecessary risk for businesses and their employees, government agencies, and private individuals. See more

Expert Witness

Attorneys want a professional polygraph examiner who will consistently provide accurate results which will be admissible at both trial proceedings and pre-trial hearings. Skip Ensley is an expert witness and a true professional who has years of experience testifying in court proceedings of all types. See more Please contact us for more information.


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